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AMPER 2015 in Brno

The International Fair AMPER 2015 in Brno

Our company has traditionally exhibited at the International Trade Fair AMPER 2015. This year, we have changed design of our exposition and we also presented many news in our product assortment.

We presented at the fair AMPER 2015 in Brno

We would like to notice you, that we standardly can offer you resistance temperature sensor with case diameter 2 mm, which has very fast time response. But we are not finished yet!!!

We are testing resistance temperature sensor with diameter 1,5 mm!


Our newly designed exposition at AMPER 2015

After many years, we decided to change design of our exposition and we hope that it was right decision! We would like to thanks very much to all our business partners for their visit, to our regular customers to their loyalty and to those new customers for a new chance!


This year we came up with new stand design

Thanks to all our business partners for their visit!

News in our product assortment

Well, it´s a pleasure to work with them :-)