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Bimetallic temperature switches for Railway Vehicles


Dear business partners,

Based on your requirements, we have expanded the range of temperature switches for rolling stock. Our standard electronic temperature switch KTSZ3H was supplemented with two versions of bimetallic temperature switches:

1/ Bimetallic temperature switch with a cable and smooth case KTSB 087/R
2/ Bimetallic temperature switch with a cable and threaded case KTSB 060/R

Bimetalové spínače teploty

Bimetallic temperature switches
KTSB 087/R and KTSB 060/R are designed as two-state controllers (ON/OFF control) that compare the pre-set and instantaneous temperature and immediately disconnect the contact when a defined temperature is reached. The switching temperature is defined at the beginning and can no longer be changed. Bimetallic temperature switches are used to signal exceeded temperature in various applications, e.g. to protect transformers, power semiconductor stages, motors and powerful batteries. They serve as resettable thermal cutoffs.
Bimetalové spínače teploty
These bimetallic temperature switches meet all rail standards:
  • Shock and vibration test, Category 2 according to EN 61373
  • Insulation test – 4 kVDC for 1 minute in accordance with EN 50155
  • The product meets the requirements of EN 45 545-2: Fire protection on railway vehicles – Part 2: Requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components. The switches can also be produced in a variant meeting the requirements of NFPA 130.
Other features of bimetallic temperature switches:
  • Switching temperature: 70 to 180 °C
  • Design: with a smooth stem, threaded
  • Contact design: normally open / normally closed


For more information about Bimetallic temperature switches, please don´t hesitate to contact us at phone number: +420 571 625 571 or via e-mail address: randysek@sensit.cz

      Team SENSIT