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Nobody want to be alone - encapsulate two sensing elements



Nobody want to be alone - 2 x Pt 100, 2 x Ni 1000, 2 x sensing element


Safety, security, substitutability - the benefits of couple.


We can standardly encapsulate two or more sensing elements into the case of temperature sensor from diameter 3 mm. It is a safety feature - if one of sensing element stops working,the second one will be transferred to the system. Before you will get appropriate replacement of this temperature sensor, all processes can continue without interruption. We are not limited with the type of temperature sensor, or a type of measuring element. We can encapsulate sensing elements Pt (Pt 100, Pt 500, Pt 1000), Ni (Ni1000, Ni 10 000, Ni 2226, T1 …), NTC, PTC, KTY, DALLAS, TSic and other in combination based on customer requirements. And wiring? Standardly: 2 x two-wires; 2 x three-wires; 2 x four-wires.



Advantages of two sensing elements:

- safety feature
- maintaining the production processes
in case of nonfunctional sensing element
- substitutability
- standard dimensions of the temperature
sensors due to technology


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